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Author: WBBadmin

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity- What do they really mean?

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity aren’t brand-new issues; these have managed to persevere through decades! However, their meanings have changed over time. Traditionally, the issue was considered equivalent to “social responsibility” and relevant only to the “social performance” of a company. It promoted a passive approach to diversity, that of being blind to individual differences. However, […]

National CyberWatch Center Partners with WB&B in Cyber Talent Alliance

Hiring managers and executives alike face a multitude of challenges when developing talent acquisition strategies for cybersecurity teams. To address these challenges, National CyberWatch Center has partnered with WB&B Executive Search to form the 2018 Cyber Talent Alliance. WB&B has been recognized as the nation’s leading minority-owned executive search firm. Established in 1973, its founding bylaws ensure an inclusive […]

WB&B Completes High-Profile Search with The Brookings Institution

Washington, D.C. — Dr. Camille Busette has joined the Brookings Institution, Brookings President Strobe Talbott announced today. Busette will serve as director of the Institution’s Race, Place, and Economic Mobility Initiative. She will carry out that role as a senior fellow in Governance Studies with affiliated appointments in Economic Studies and Metropolitan Policy. Throughout her […]