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The Invitational

The Invitational is a private event designed, developed and executed exclusively for a WB&B Executive Search client to:

  • Introduce a balanced slate of selected top performers within specified functional areas;
  • Provide an open forum allowing *invitees to network and form relationships for opportunistic, open, longer-term opportunities; and
  • Replicate the “ole boy network” model, where majority professionals “talk shop” beyond the confines of a traditional interview

The Invitational Process

  • 01 Conduct Original Research; Identify & Court Invitees; and Conduct Invitee Evaluation
  • 02 "The Invitational"
  • 03 Survey Invitees and Debrief with Client
  • 04 Manage Clients' Proprietary Invitee Pool
  • 05 Invitees are Courted & Hired

*Invitee: typically a “passive candidate” on a fast track generally less inclined to be included as an “applicant” on a candidate slate.